by Nazri Deraman
*Former President of Cakna Palestin Malaysia.

Donation Programme and Eid Fitri for our brothers and sisters in Gaza, Palestine continously goes on.

As part of charity programs, we organize iftar, provide food packs and present for Eid during the holy month of Rama to the needy individuals in Gaza strip.

This is a small scale programme and we would rather contribute the amount of our donation direct to the people of Palestine through the NGO’s there.

You may wonder why we choose to contribute direct to the people of Palestine through the NGO there.

Our concern is to make this contribution more effective and fast.

The organizer will give the donations to the needy people on the same day or the next day after your contribution.

If we get the contribution before 6.00 pm, insha Allah the contribution will be given out on the same day.

By supporting this program, we will change and draw smiles on the faces of the poor and make people believe in humanity and strength of the Muslim community, coherence and donation.

We made banners and list down the names of the donors and their pictures as a proof and will be shown to the donors via the organisers in Malaysia, on the same day or the day after.

The organizers are my friends in Gaza strip and the Palestinians students in Malaysia. They are the trusted people and were involved in NGO’s for more than 18 years.

This is a successful second year organizing this project. The first was in 2019 and you can view this in NGO profiles and get more information from the NGO in Palestine through the teams in Malaysia.

It is advisable to send a copy of your transfer as it is easy for us to reach the donors after the donations have been made.

“ Give your share to show you care” through this line 0139811605.



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