by Adi Sukma LLB Hons (Reading), and
Dato’ Prof Emeritus Dr Hashim Yaacob DDSc(Hon), FRCPath(UK), FDSRCS(Eng) FDSRCPS(Glasg), FFOPRCPA(Aust), FASc, MSc(Lond), BDS(Otago), Dip Islam Stud. (UIAM)

This morning, after the dawn prayer, we thanked Allah SWT for the good life that He has bestowed upon us.

We must admit that we had not been consistant in our sincere and heartfelt grattiude to Allah SWT in the past. We have been taking for granted the grace and love that Allah has given us.

Covic-19 has necessited us to go into the MCO, thereby making our usual activities come to a halt.

During this period of home confinement, we were blessed with ample time to review and reflect on our past times.

We wondered at the might of SARS –
CoV-2 that has wreaked untold global misery.
So powerful is its onslaught onto mankind, that it has almost annihilated the world economies.

Life after Covid19 will never be the same again. Much life difficulties has already reared its head.Could it be that Covid 19 is God’s retribution for the evil that mankind does?

We reflected on the Order of Allah SWT for us to perform ablution (wuduk) each time prior to our daily prayers (solat).

This is something that we have not in the past, cared to reason out as to why it was ordained. The appearance of Covid 19 has indeed, as we shall explain below, enlightened us as to the
probable reason, among others.

Before Allah SWT, in prayers, one must present oneself in a state of general cleanliness. Hence the requiremqent of the ablution: washing of hands, mouth, nose, face, hands up to elbows, forehead, ears and lastly the feet up to the ankles.

Daily, we hear from our Director General of Health Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah , that the ways to fight Covid-I9 is through the observance of the MCO, Social Distancing, and general cleanliness, the most important of which are the washing of the hands, mouth, nose and face.

Lo and behold! Allah SWT has ordained us to wash our hands, mouth, nose and face in performing the ablution before each prayer.

Each of the washings must be performed three times, and there are five times of prayers( solat) daily.

That account for fifteen times of washings daily. MashaAllah, God has willed it!

Trully Allah SWT is The Al-Aleem, Al-Hakeem, Al-Baatin, Al-Habeer, Al-Musawwir.
The ablution is indeed a gift of Allah SWT to us all in our fight against Covid 19.


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