Yesterday was the 11th of May 2020, and the number of people in Malaysia infected by the virus causing Covid-19 stands at 4530, and 73 deaths so far. One day previously, the corresponding figures are 4346 and 70 respectively (MOH data). In a day the figures showed that there is an increment of 184 cases. It is spreading at a speed that should bring shivers to the spine. Even so, there are people who did not seem to bother of the danger.

A day before, we visited a sundry shop and saw to our dismay that about half of the customers did not wear face – mask of any sort. The distance between them in the queue was about one foot, thus breaking the one-meter rule of Social Distancing. No one said anything, and dared say anything though there were some disgruntled faces. On the street around the shop there were people without wearing face masks moving around and seemed oblivious to the lurking danger.

We think that the public is fully aware of the advice given by the Government on the use of face-mask whenever out of the home, and to practice Social Distancing of at least one meter (we think that a distance of 2 meters is much desired) from the next person, and not to leave home unless mandatory.

It will be very difficult, if not impossible to eradicate Covid-19 should this lackadaisical attitude is opted by the people at large. On the contrary, the infection might spread like wild fire.

Not only will the rule breakers suffer the infection themselves, but will transmit it to innocent ones who live with them, and to the ones with whom they come into contact. A single person with the Covid-19 virus living in a house with his loved ones is definitely capable of transmitting his disease to them.

Think about it. Think very hard!

by Dato, Prof Emeritus Dr Hashim Yaacob, DDSc, FRCPath (UK), FDSRCS (Eng), FDSRCPS (Glasg), FFOPRCPA (Aust), FASc (Mal), MSc (Lon), BDS (0tago), Dip Islam Stud (UIAM) and Adi Sukma LLB (Reading).


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